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Kellermore is the capital of Iron Gates and at over a million people, is the second-largest city in Aesedra. Where Kyne is the capital of the Empire and the seat of its power and the powerful face it shows to the world, Kellermore is the home of Rolle political intrigue and the spiritual home of not only Iron Gates, but Aesedra herself.


It is located in southeastern Iron Gates on the lower reaches of the River Yotu where it splits around a broad rocky island. It is thirty miles north of Kyne, separated from it by the Imperial preserve known as the Woods of the Empire. Kellermore sits on the far eastern edge of the Great Gatian Plain and the western bank of the city is flat. Across the Yotu to the eastern bank, it is hillier, and the land becomes increasingly mountainous. The marshes and swamps that once fringed the river here have long been drained away. The river bank is lined with stone walls along the length of the city.

The Starway, Aesedra's principal east-west road, bisects Kellermore.

A series of locks and weirs cross the Yotu at the city's southern end.

As fitting for a locale that has existed for over 11000 years, most of the buildings and roads are ancient, with newer structures being built over the old (often using materials from the latter). The city seethes with both intrigue and mystery, and many travellers arrive with the hope of unravelling the millennia old secrets which coil along its narrow and hilly streets.


No accurate record of its founding exists, but it predates the beginning of the Empire, there being accounts of it during the Old Gatian Era. It is synonymous with the Rolle dynasty, and the family have controlled Kellermore since time immemorial. The palace which sits on a prominence on the northern part of Kellermore Island can be seen from afar and dominates the landscape - and serves as a potent reminder of Rolle power. The current duke of Iron Gates, who makes his home in the palace is Paulius Rolle, middle brother of the current Emperor, Taian XXIII Rolle.

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