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 +====== Lasildra Rolle ======
 +<fs smaller>​For an explanation of dates used, please see the [[Calendar]]</​fs>​
 +[[Iron Gates|Gatian]] noblewoman, duchess of Iron Gates. b. 11107 d. 11133, reigned as duchess from 11129 to her death. [[Lasildra]] [[Rolle]] was the daughter of duke [[Taian]] Rolle (not to be confused with many others with that name) and acceded to the ducal seat upon the death of her father. In 11126, she married [[Hirtius]],​ an [[Osc]]ian nobleman. Their only child was the future [[emperor|Empress]] **[[Alasmina V Rolle]]**.
 +Little else was recorded about her in her brief reign, apart from a note concerning her physical features, which one historian likened to a "​carrot-nosed scarecrow"​. She died in 11133 at the age of 26 to either ovarian or uterine cancer.
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