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Meleandro has been the name of three Emperors of Aesedra.

* Meleandro I Gelilae - life and reign uncertain. Little-known and barely recalled Emperor from the ancient and extinct Gelilae dynasty which flourished 6500-5300 years ago.

* Meleandro II Rolle (b 11568 - 11641 r 11610 - 11641). Meleandro was oldest son of Itur IV Rolle. Was born Itur but took the name of Meleandro and never gave a public reason for doing so. He has been named the Unbeliever as he publicly denounced belief in The Five as a mindless superstition. Introduced laws prohibiting public funds to be paid to the church of The Five for any reason, or state sponsoring of any Church building or project. Prescriptivist adherents of The Five call him The Great Heretic.

* Meleandro III Rolle (b 11588 - d 11644 r 11641 - 11644). Official appellation of “The Dastard”. He was the third son and fifth child of Meleandro II Rolle. Widely believed to have murdered his older siblings. He undertook a purge of the Rolle dynasty, murdering many cousins and uncles and sending many into exile. Placed many of his friends and supporters in high positions, including duchies. He placed a close friend, Gealer of South Quough, on the ducal seat of Murred, causing an insurrection and a lingering unrest that would last centuries. Was deposed by his son Itur V Rolle in 11644 and executed shortly after for treason.

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