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The Powyvest Dynasty

For an explanation of dates used, please see the Calendar

The Powyvest dynasty were a family of nobles who ruled Aesedra for nearly 2500 years. The first Emperor of the name was Belantine I Powyvest who came to power after Yandim V Torra died in 8511. The Torra dynasty were a short-reigning family that came from Polatia and their line lasted a mere 150 years. The Powyvests were to rule Aesedra continuously for the next 2500 years until the reign of Colsis XXII Powyvest, who died in 10970. Colsis had no close relatives who could claim the Throne (after his father Venone murdered most of them) and the Council of Prefects elected Taian of Iron Gates to become Emperor, hence starting the Rolle dynasty which has lasted to this day.

The family were renowned scholars and artists, and their rule reflected this fact. Rather than expansion and consolidation, the Empire instead looked inward during their long hold on power and slipped into decay and decadence many times. The size of the Empire and its constituent provinces fluctuated over this period too. The Powyvests gave the Empire her greatest ever leader in Belantine XVI Powyvest the Magnificent who conquered the Wind Kingdom and brought Aesedra back into the forefront of world power. Their other significant contribution is the emblem of Aesedra, a black sun on a crimson field, which was the colours of the Powyvests. For reasons unrecorded, the Rolles never changed the flag when they came to power.

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