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For an explanation of dates used, please see the Calendar.

There have been twenty-three Emperors of Aesedra named Taian to date. The name is Gatian in origin and the first Taian, was a member of the short-reigning Torra dynasty. The next fourteen were Powyvests and none seem to have been notable in any way. The remainder have been Rolles, including the first Rolle emperor.

Some of the more notable ones include:

  • Taian XV Rolle - (b. 10935 - d. 11005 r. 10970 - 11005) - the first Rolle emperor. Apart from that significance, he did little of note and his reign was uneventful.
  • Taian XVII Rolle - (b. 11054 - d. 11130 r 11104 - 11130) - signed the Treaty of Uyre with Vauan of Ghananda in 11116 which brought Ghananda into the empire.
  • Taian XVIII Rolle - (b. 11090 - d 11143 r 11139 - 11146) - known as “the Stern”. Was a paranoid man who doubled the size of the Imperial Highguard and passed a number of draconian and unpopular laws. Rumoured to have been poisoned, though no evidence was ever found.
  • Taian XXI Rolle - (b. 11365 - d 11426 r 11420 - 11426) - called “the Bastard” as he was allegedly born out of wedlock. A vengeful man who devoted much time to persecuting his mother's lovers and associates.
  • Taian XXII Rolle (b 11878 - d 11951 r 11928 - 11948) - known as the elder Taian to distinguish him from his son, the current emperor. A wily man who was given to court intrigues and plots.
  • Taian XXIII Rolle (b 11904 - current r 11948 - current) - current emperor. Reclusive and secretive man. Uncle of Vilnia Rolle.
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