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The Five

The Five are the divines of Aesedra. Accounts differ on their origin, but orthodox Mulptana teaching states They came to the world with the first humans at the dawn of time (traditionally held to be 1000 O.G.E), approximately 12000 years prior to the present date.

The Five are the manifestations (to use the religious term) of five natural aspects of existence - life, death, the sun, water and starlight. It is a core tenet that all five are interwoven into the daily lives of Aesedrans, and one cannot exist without the other. Each of The Five is said to dwell outside of the confines of the world but manifest Their power when needed.

Each of the manifestations have names, but these are known only to a few of the elevated priesthood. In Nither, worship of the sun manifestation is common and it is known as Teniam. Likewise in Heddig and the surrounding environs, worship of the water aspect is present, whom they name Ciisa. According to orthodox teaching, this is both incorrect and heretical.

Despite the pervasiveness of The Five in the daily life of Aesedrans, few know anything of the rote and rituals concerned with Their worship. This is almost always kept in the purview of the priesthood, a widespread and hierarchical body headed by the Preceptor who dwells in Kyne and is counted one of the Lords of Kyne.

The central chapel to The Five is known as the Abject and it is likewise located in Kyne.

Each of the manifestations has a shrine scattered across Aesedra. The one for sun is located in Boderin Lake, Kingsland, life in Tilton Hill in Keve, death in Asanque, Makael, starlight in Kellermore, Iron Gates and water in Menkent, Luthaniel.

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