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The Treaty of Uyre

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The Treaty of Uyre is the instrument that brought Ghananda into the Empire of Aesedra in 11116. Repeated forays by Celobsil bandits into Ghananda had pre-empted Aesedra into offering the Ghanandese protection if she came into the Empire's fold as a province.

Representatives of Taian XVII Rolle met with King Vauan of Ghananda at the Ghanandese town of Uyre and the treaty was signed. It stipulated that Vauan's line would rule as dukes of Ghananda (something finally broken in 11948 when the Gatian Drono Rolle became duke.) In addition, Ghananda would not pay any Aesedran taxes (the Ghanandese do not use money traditionally), nor would Aesedra impose her customs, languages and religion upon the Ghanandese. By law, this kept the Siepta and the church of The Five out.

From the start, it was uneven treaty, and many were in contention with it, from both sides. Some Ghanandese saw it as an occupation, and some in the Empire saw it as a drain on the treasury. Aesedra invested a sizeable amount both in momentary and military terms, and got minimal return for it. As a saying went, the Ghanandese fought well against the Celobsil horde, right down to the last drop of Aesedran blood.

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