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Not to be confused with Lasildra, a similar sounding feminine Gatian name. See the Calendar for information on the dates used.

Yasildra is a feminine name of Gatian origin. In Aesedran history, the most famous Yasildra was the young and tragically short-lived Empress Yasildra I Powyvest who lived from 10913 to 10917. She was the youngest daughter and second legitimate child of Struan VI Powyvest and succeed her older sister Ynylla after that one's mysterious disappearance in 10913.

Yasildra, a mostly bed-ridden girl and weak-willed, was dominated by her much older half-brother Venone who convinced her to legitimise him. When Yasildra succumbed to her sicknesses at 17 in 10917, she was succeeded by him.

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