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 +====== Yasildra ======
 +<fs small>​Not to be confused with [[Lasildra]],​ a similar sounding feminine [[Iron Gates|Gatian]] name. See the [[Calendar]] for information on the dates used.</​fs>​
 +Yasildra is a feminine name of Gatian origin. In [[Aesedra]]n history, the most famous Yasildra was the young and tragically short-lived [[Emperor|Empress]] **Yasildra I [[Powyvest]]** who lived from 10913 to 10917. She was the youngest daughter and second legitimate child of **[[Struan]] VI Powyvest** and succeed her older sister **[[Ynylla]]** after that one's mysterious disappearance in 10913.
 +**Yasildra**,​ a mostly bed-ridden girl and weak-willed,​ was dominated by her much older half-brother **[[Venone]]** who convinced her to legitimise him. When **Yasildra** succumbed to her sicknesses at 17 in 10917, she was succeeded by him. 
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