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Aegyptus Juvens - Man of the Triocular

His beginnings

Aegyptus Juvens (hereafter: AJ) wasn't born a man, he was made one by the Ennead, a collection of nine potent, yet mentally deranged sorcerers, to be their servant and pupil. The year of his creation isn't recorded and he himself had no true recollection of his early years.

The Ennead (individually called Aspects) dwelt in a large castle overlooking the Erianic Ocean near the hamlet of Cabbersea in the far north of the Three Rivers continent. Their experiments led to the unbalancing of Odylicism and Natural Law with the consequence that Natural Law itself started to disintegrate. Things taken for granted by people, such as the air they breathed, the crops they grew and the sea they fished in transmogrified into odylic chaos. Buildings collapsed or were transported to realms unknown, people awoke and found their sun green instead of the orange-yellow of Alsuhail.


These grievous events did not go unnoticed. Although most of the Three Rivers was unaffected by this breakdown, the effects were spreading. The veil between the world and the Argence was weakening, causing odylic side-effects to common day occurrences and disrupting the lives of many. Eventually, many deities in Exa, Hjoll and the Subterrane took action against the mad Ennead and destroyed them. Although prohibited under the terms of the Mellifluity, the act was warranted due to the Ennead's misdirected meddling.

AJ learns to lead

The onus to re-balance the forces was firmly placed on the shoulders of the naive AJ. He was instructed that he would found the New City and that he would be the one to wear the Triocular. These things he new nothing about and he was given a number of artefacts to aid him. Foremost was a mysterious box that contained the foundations of the New City, although it was enchanted to cloud his mind until the right time had occurred. He was given four small ebonite figurines and told to drop them in bowls of pure water. Lastly, he was given the staff Onom, which caused great destruction when it struck anything. Armed with these, he was taken, by the Three Who Walk, to the court of Arion, Arch-Duke of Telxerxes, a realm in southern Forosth where he learned the principles of statecraft and good management.

It was in Hyslur-Zemark, the capital of the Arch-Duchy, that he met Rolinna, an indentured serving girl, and fell in love with her. Although she found AJ to be beautiful to look at, she was confused and angered at his complete lack of courtship manners and she repulsed his earnest advances.

It was the first real lesson of life for AJ. He was heartbroken and chastened by Rolinna's seemingly cold and distant manner and his attitude towards the world sobered. His admiration for Rolinna didn't abate however, and he bought out her indenture from Arion by giving him a sizeable scytae crystal.

It was this time that AJ received an intuition that he needed to travel to Alderle in Corsor

AJ sets out


With Arion's blessing AJ set out for the city of Nelucium, from where he could cross The Belly to Riaelo on the southern Three Rivers coastline. In tow was a reluctant Rolinna, who was convinced at this time AJ had enslaved her (or bought her indenture from Arion). Very little was said between them on their journey north to the city-state of Prosth in central Forosth. Prosth had been held by the traditional enemies of Telxerxes, the Ensignors. Through dint of cleverness, and a small exhibition from Onom, AJ was able to secure a peace between the two opposing parties.

Rolinna had come to admire AJ, whom she had thought of as a callow and feckless shell of a man, and a friendship was forged between them, if not quite love.

In due time, they reached Nelucium, which was held by the supernal being Ge Diomala. Rolinna was the target of Ge Diomala's lusts and attention and AJ fought a cunning battle against the powerful Hypernatural. Outmatched by strength, but not by wit, AJ hunted Ge Diomala down in the supernal's own palace and there forced him to release Rolinna. Ge Diomala, knowing AJ for the one to wear the Triocular in time, relinquished his hold on Rolinna. With her free, AJ banished Ge Diomala from Fels and sailed across The Belly to the palisaded fishing town of Riaelo, .

AJ Builds the City

Without incident, they crossed The Belly. At this time AJ and Rolinna finally became lovers. In Riaelo, Rolinna was kidnapped by corsairs of the Ovirth Archipelago, just off the coast. AJ, incensed, razed the corsairs settlement and killed the leaders with Onom. Rolinna had been poisoned and was near death. AJ, with great sadness, gave the care of Rolinna over to a female monastic order inland of Riaelo and vowed to return for her.


At this time, AJ allowed his ebonite figurines to come into contact with pure water. The figurines transformed into four human simulacra, two of each sex. The male simulacra were Psymn and Psyrs, the women: Lylla and Lylli.

All four were demure and softly-spoken and of incredible charm and beauty and each had a particular talent that was to serve AJ. Psymn could hear any lie spoken, Psyrs could sense any ill intent, Lylla could taste any poison and Lylli could sense odylicism being cast within a hundred yards. Until AJ reached Alderle, these talents saved the lives of all five of them.

In due course, AJ and his companions reached Alderle. There, the intuition that had been latent within him, came to the fore. He planted the box on the ground and all five of them were whisked inside the Argence.

They found themselves before the wall of the Epirozethium, that barrier that separates the universe of Fels and the Fabled Third World. He could see that barrier was weakening, causing the magickal chaos on his home-world and elsewhere. He struck the barrier once with Onom and it righted itself. Onom shattered as a result, and the New City was created on the margins of the Epirozethium, as a watchtower against further weakening.

The Triocular

As this deed was performed, AJ gained the Triocular. Physically, it is a finely-wrought pair of pince-nez spectacles. They allowed him to see into all three worlds, that of his own world, that of what lie inside the Argence, and the Fabled Third World beyond the Epirozethium. Thus, he could see any event on any of the three worlds, and he was to use this ability to prevent deeds such as the Ennead had enacted.

With the Epirozethium re-sealed and the New City built, AJ is rumoured to have returned for Rolinna and taken them both back to Telxerxes and the court of Arion. The fate of his four magickal companions isn't known, though some say Lylla appeared at Trowheald Castle and became a fugitive lover of Thenson Trowheald. Note that this was impossible as Lylla, as a simulacra, was not endowed with progenitive organs.

Death and Legend

To most of the known universe, AJ ascended to Exa and died at the feet of the Highest High, a fulfilled and content old man and was placed in a grand tomb beside his Consort Rolinna (who had died some years earlier.) The truth of the matter is that he was buried in a remote cliff-side tomb near his home town of Cabbersea, along with the Triocular. This was a vast secret known to a very few and his tomb lay intact and unknown to the world until the day Ioja of the Octagon defiled it…

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