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The Collision

At a point in the year 2455 AD, the Universe of Natural Law collided with the Universe of Odylicism. In common parlance, this is known as the Collision. The two universes merged to form the universe where Natural Law and Odylicism are blended. A remnant universe was created as a result of the Collision. This remnant of the Collision is known as the Fabled Third World. The merger was not absolute and random acts of destructive magic sill occurred in various places. The proper merging was completed by Aegyptus Juvens when he built the New City. This has the side effect of sealing off the Fabled Third World and the Epirozethium forever.

All technology based on electro-magnetism ceased to function correctly. Over the years, it was abandoned altogether in favour of more prosaic industry or by the agency of odylicism itself.

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