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The Fairge

The Fairge is a marginal sea or gulf of the Equatic Ocean at the southern end of the Three Rivers continent. It is bounded by Luwedne on the south and west, the Three Rivers on the north, the Straits of Szarn and Forosth on the east. To the southeast, it opens to the ocean, and the tract of water that lies between the Arosd Archipelago and the island of Helopsy is known as The Race. This region between Luwedne and Forosth has some of the stormiest weather on Fels and few craft sail south through The Race.

The Fairge is arguably the busiest body of water on Fels, with many craft playing its waters, most belonging to Fenstre, Port Diales, Port Ofrey, Xats, coastal settlements on Luwedne and Forosth, as well as the islands of Chird, Filiaxe, the Codhby Archipelago, the Szarn Archipelago, Lefeve and the Morning Isles.

Apart from the storm-stricken expanse of The Race, the Fairge is usually a placid body of water.

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