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Regional Map of the Fenstre Area


This map depicts the environs surrounding Fenstre Island. Features in solid green are jungle/tropical woodlands, the matted area to the east of the delta is swampland. The road which runs through the swamp is elevated above the surrounding countryside to a height of 10 feet, and is known as the Port Diales Causeway. The large river running into the delta is the Orstrey, here a broad and placid brown watercourse.

The only secure ways across it are through Fenstre. The two roads running NW-SE from Amurl to near Standing Stone are in disuse and the punts which ferried people across the Orstrey have long fell into disrepair. The Artefact of Onallion can be seen for kilometres around the generally flat countryside, although few people tread the old path which runs by it and even fewer people head northward to the high walls of the misty Estate of Kamonva.

The islands in the delta, apart from Fenstre, are uninhabited. They are patrolled unceasingly by the Fenstre militia, and the smugglers and criminals the militia fails to apprehend, the denizens of the jungles usually take.The range of hills to the northeast are the foothills of the Argyre Mountains which stretch up to the city of that name. Mountains is perhaps an exaggeration as nowhere do they exceed 600 metres in elevation. A traveller heading west from Port Diales must travel through Fenstre. The terrain and the noisome inhabitants of that terrain make it a very perilous voyage indeed. Folk travelling from Port Diales to Port Ofrey or to Forosth usually employ ships, but the occasional wayfarer will make the arduous foot journey.

It becomes more arduous once they reach the Wall on Fenstre's eastern marge. Places and features not shown on this map include Shobol, which lies just beyond the northern edge on the Argyre Road. Like Amurl, it is a farming hamlet serving Fenstre. There is a militia garrison here as well. The Thadnurn Road heads northward from Ujadna and crosses the Argyre Mountains.


1. Ujadna Pool. A very shallow lake, named for the settlement of Ujadna, which lies just west off the edge of the map. It is home to many midges, snakes and other swamp-loving creatures.

2. Standing Stone. So named for the odd sarsens built slightly to the north of the settlement, Standing Stone comes under the nominal jurisdiction of Fenstre and there is a customs house here. The population is around 200.

3. Kulun. A small port, inhabited by listless folk, mainly outcasts from Fenstre. It gains no trade from the Fairge and the Fenstre Customs authority regularly patrols it for contraband. It is also under the nominal control of Fenstre.

4. Estate of Kamonva. An ancient castle surrounded by a 25 feet tall basalt wall. A perpetual mist hangs over this entire area, and the few people that are aware of its existence have no idea as to its origin, or its inhabitants, if any. The Ujadna Creek runs through the Estate, yet the Creek's ingress and egress are sealed off by heavy iron bars which disallows casual visitors boating down the narrow watercourse. No records are kept in Fenstre of this place, apart from whatever the Geriarchs know, and they tell no-one. It is a vast mystery to the few that know of it. It is an Attuned Wind construction.

5. Artefact of Onallion. The artefact is a metallic tower approximately 200 metres, 600 feet, in height. It stands out in the surrounding jungle like a landmark. It is believed to be a work of odylicism; however it pre-dates the Collision and is actually a microwave repeater antenna. The construction of the artefact is such that is has withstood weathering, age and rampant magic for over 11,000 years.

6. Kozeja Pool. Like Ujadna Pool further to the east, it is a small, shallow lake home to a wide variety of swamp creatures, docile and otherwise. The residents of Kulun and Standing Stone often trap animals here for food or exhibits in grotesqueries in Fenstre, Port Diales and elsewhere.

7. Amurl. Amurl is Fenstre's farming community. The jungle has been ploughed up here and various grains and citrus fruits are grown here. Fenstre maintains customs and militia here, mainly to combat smuggling and squatting. The folk that live here display most of the Society traits, yet with a more rustic air. Population, which is scattered over the area, is near 2000.

8. Podis. Like Kulun, Podis is a small Fairge-side settlement existing mainly as a port for the estuarine patrols of the Fenstre militia. It is surrounded by a wooden palisade to ward off forays by kateans and natsaws. The Fort in Fenstre has Podis under direct control. The population is about 400.

9. Fenstre Island. See separate entry for Fenstre.

The Islands

A. Drosage Island B. Gamjedo Island C. Fawgone Island - The Militia maintain two garrisons on this island. D. Opir Island E. Shule Island F. Atwrack Island G. Scrane Island H. Volinda Island I. Kuthania Island J. Sinnela Island K. Neas Island L. Fhind Island M. Tropaile Island N. Scail Island - The Militia have a presence here. O. Gollock Island P. Botro Island R. Hubriel Island - The Militia have a presence here. S. Calamis Island T. Uxolic Island - The Militia have a presence here.

Map's proper measurement should be in miles.

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