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Fernesce, forgotten prisoner island

Fernesce, pronounced Fern-eese, as can be seen from the map, is a large island sitting at the southern end of the Sea of Tronapt where it meets the Equatic Ocean. It is part of Tronapt geologically, but rising sea levels have sundered it from that continent.


Fernesce sits nigh above the northern coast of Merhulneo as well. Fernesce was first surveyed by the Monarchial Reniassance of Tronapt in the pre-Collision days. The island, although angularly shaped, is of generally low relief and covered in vast jungles and swamps, much like Tronapt itself.

The MR saw little or no commercial value in the land and decided it would be the place of its prison system, as well as the eventual home of exiles, debtors and others opposed to the Ruritanian and atavistical manners of the MR. Over the two hundred or so years of Tronapt's existence as a kingdom, nearly 500,000 criminals and others of more vague criminal status ended up here.

Although the setting suggested languid days in the balmy sun, the realities were gravely different. The inmates were set to work building camps and other laborious projects and no hope existed.

When the Collision came in AD 2455, all technology and industry went to chaos; the inmates sought revenge on their captors and many years of blood-lust and warfare ensued. One warlord after the other took control of the island, subjugating his or her people with fear and oppression. After some time, people grew weary of constant power struggles and vendettas and settled into a life of jungle rusticism. Fernesce is reasonably isolated for many reasons.

It is on the other side of Fels, making it very much out of sight and mind to the cognoscenti of the Three Rivers. Secondly, the kelp ridden morass of the Sea of Tronapt prohibits expansion to the east and the endless deserts of Merhulneo keep their secrets.

Like Gutosjander to the far north, the folk of modern day Fernesce are no better than Palaeolithic tribesmen, subsisting on forest and jungle fare, having shamanistic institutions and living relatively peaceful lives. Only the edifices and artefacts of pre-Collision days serve as marks that this low-lying rainforested island once had a history.

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