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As can be seen from the map, Gutosjander is situated close to the northern Pole of Fels. It is a largish island, slightly smaller than Earth's Greenland. Like Greenland, most of Gutosjander is covered in deep ice sheets which has made habitation harsh and unprofitable. The original explorers gave it scant attention upon survey, only noting geographical features like highest elevation, coastline, etc.

The only settlement developed by the settlers was New Thule, on the south-western coast. New Thule was a research and meteorological station with facilities for crude oil extraction to power some of the ancillary outpost stations. It is the only region on Fels where there are large deposits of oil. After the Collision, Gutosjander lapsed into barbarism, its populace reverting to Neolithic culture, resembling greatly the lifestyle of the Inuit peoples of Earth.

It is a bleak and snowbound island, only the littoral fringes are capable of supporting life and arable land. The seas around the island are cold which accounts for the great variety of sea life in the region. Almost no contact is made with Gutosjander from the remainder of Fels. Bleak cold oceans, icebergs and a general lack of wanderlust has kept the inhabitants of Gutosjander in a complete self-contained biosphere, much like that of Fels' neighbour planet, Trajan.

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