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Hyslur-Zemark is a city in southwestern Forosth on the coastline of the Equatic Ocean. It is the seat of the Arch-duchy of Telxerxes.

Once, it was a nondescript fishing town, then the event which changed Hyslur-Zemark (and most of the Three Rivers itself) occurred. Aegyptus Juvens visited the city (though official legends say he was born there) and became known to the then Arch-duke Arion. It was in Hyslur-Zemark that he received the vision to found the New City.

The Consort, Rolinna was born in Hyslur-Zemark (where her house is now a shrine) and spent her youth as a serving maid to Arch-duke Arion. She then accompanied the Wearer on his adventures, thus passing into legend.

Hyslur-Zemark today is a thriving city of 50000 people and its business is the legend of Aegyptus Juvens. Endless pilgrims make their way to the city to visit and pay deference to the Wearer and his legendary exploits. Despite this, Hyslur-Zemark is a difficult place to reach from elsewhere in the world other than southern Luwedne. Getting there by ship is dangerous due to both pirates and the ever-changeable weather of the Fairge and The Race. The sole overland route from the Three Rivers is across the Straits of Szarn between Hujman and Xats, two places often bedevilled by civil strife, piracy and corruption.

Then one must cross a perilous road through the jungle to the town of Taas and eastward to Hyslur-Zemark.

Crossing The Belly to Nelucium and then travelling via Telxerxes itself is an alternative, though Nelucium is a dangerous place in itself and the Belly is occasionally the haunt of pirates and slavers.

About a good third of the pilgrims who set out for Hyslur-Zemark never arrive there safely. Many never return safely to their homes afterwards either, and Hyslur-Zemark permits no immigration unless one is tremendously wealthy.

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