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Isume, the Fels island of lost fey

The island of Isume sits close off the northwestern coast of Merhulneo in the Eastern Hemisphere. Unlike that continent, which is primarily arid, Isume is well watered and fertile. Isume was settled by religious and mystic folk, disenchanted with the pragmatic activities of the people further north in the Three Rivers. At the time of the Collision, most of the inhabitants escaped destruction, thanks to a lack of dependency on technology. Nonetheless, Isume has never been overly inhabited and the population has always remained scant.


Shortly after the Collision, women from a hedonistic cult constructed the Temple of Darklove. This towering black basalt edifice was raised to the glory of the goddess Lhusk and the priestesses shunned the daylight and dwelt within a tenebrous gloom. Here they dwelt for millennia. It is not recorded by Three Rivers' sages what caused their exodus from the Temple and scattered them far and wide over that wide land.

It has been recounted however that it was a desecration which caused the priestesses to abandon their vast reboubt. Here it is in brief. Please note: This conflicts with the Darklove tale I had written.


On or about the AC year 7834, a young man named Offany from an unnamed coastal village, made his way westward through the tangled Megh Forest and out onto the central plain of the island…he had wearied of the moribund life in his village and sought to see some of the world. His steps eventually brought him to the north coast of the island. There, on a small mount a mile inland, stood the most majestic thing young Offany had ever seen, and well beyond anything he'd ever imagined. Here was this huge black building standing high and proud overlooking the deep blue of the Equatic Ocean…

To the mind of Offany, it looked so out of place with the coastal grasslands, like an ebon jot on the landscape. Offany, intrigued, came up to the portal of the Temple and tried to gain entry. He couldn't, as these doors were proof against the hand of any not of Lhusk. Perplexed, he retired to a nearby wood and started a new life as a hermit. Offany fished in the Ocean and nearby streams, living on a diet of woodland berries and fungi to match. He kept half an eye for the ponderous temple nearby always, wondering what its halls and corridors contained. Every so often, he'd see wisps of smoke issue from parapets high on the Temple's side and wondered what their function was. One afternoon, as Offany returned to his hut in the wood from fishing, he saw a figure from the corner of his eye. Astounded, he dropped his catch and watched. The figure was a cowled and hooded human, face invisible behind a black veil.


It moved listlessly among the small bushes around the Temple's periphery, seemingly lost out in the open air. Offany approached the figure in fascination, and called out to it. It spun around, and dropped the small nosegay it was carrying. Offany came up, smiled, and picked the nosegay up. He said hello to the figure, whom he guessed now was female, due to her shape. She stared back at him blankly, expression invisible behind the veil she wore.

Eventually, Offany learned her name was Chydmal and she was a catechumen of Lhusk. She had come into the “Loveless World” as she referred outside as, to do penance for blasphemous thoughts. Chydmal returned into the Temple and brought the astonished Offany with her. The High Priestess was aggrieved at his presence and sought the advice of Lhusk what to do with this strange man. Lhusk responded vaguely and the High Priestess took this as a sign that Offany's life was forfeit. Offany had wandered off before this, wondering as to the murk and gloom within… His unsure steps brought him to the adytum of the Temple. He inadvertently broke the icon of Lhusk which held the odylicism of the Temple together…the priestesses, bereft from the voice of the lady of Darklove went mad and left the Temple like so many lunatics set free from an asylum.

Offany and Chydmal decided to head for Dior Leer, an old port on the far east of the island, and there make their way north to Luwedne. Chydmal perished at the hands of odics, spirits that inhabit metal, at a bridge along the way. She had been carrying gold icons from the Temple. The fate of Offany is not recorded.

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