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Logisorde is a large city of nearly 100000 people, and is the principal port of Nae.

It is situated around a natural harbour on the Myrtna Sea coast, and is the largest city on the west coast of the Three Rivers continent with the exception of Real Movier. The city is usually ruled by the Firstborn, the heir apparent of the kingdom, and the eldest child of the reigning Monarch. When this situation is not possible, the Monarch appoints a regent.


People have lived in Logisorde since pre-Collision days. What the city was called then or its role in the world is not known. Unlike in Miener Column and other cities of Nae, no trace of the original inhabitants remains.

Although the city is only 1200 miles away from Fenstre as the crow flies, the climates of the two cities could not be more different. Due to oceanic current peculiarities, Logisorde's climate is generally cool and dry, with rain only falling in the winter months, and even then it is unreliable. Weather of either extremes is unheard of, as are storms and heavy rain. Fresh water supplies can be a real problem, and the city has experienced crippling droughts. The main business of Logisorde is maritime trading. Nain ships sail up and down the Myrtna Sea coast, going as far south as Hlan in Luwedne. Occasionally ships will ply as far north as Cabbersea or Obidian in Eriane, but generally, traffic is between the various Nain ports such as Lakkormi or the city-state of Real Movier. Traffic rarely passes through the Straits of Vorth into the Fairge, though some ships do make call at Tosban, and, more rarely, to Port Diales or even Fenstre itself. Traffic to these locations is normally performed overland, as the shipmasters prefer not to contend with the various Veltor Wanderers pirates that bedevil the western Fairge around the Morning Isles and vicinity.

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