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Loios (rhymes with “Lewis”) is the southeastern region of the Three Rivers. At an earlier time, it was a kingdom, a republic and an empire, but presently is no more than a name on a map, used by geographers to conveniently demarcate the Three Rivers into different areas. It is bounded by Hauld on the west, Surdije Bay, the Belly and the Maingulf on the south and east, and by Corsor on the north.

The largest town would be Jelotnar in the far northeast though it does not consider itself a part of any land. Other towns include the city-state of Rhalia and the so-called “pirate town” of Riaelo farther east.

The western part of Loios is hilly and covered in jungle, the east flatter and tending toward open woodland and savannah. The eastern part is also considerably drier than the west and southwest. The 1000 miles between Jelotnar and Riaelo are practically uninhabited.

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