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The Green and Sometimes Pleasant Land

Mynatan is the oldest continually settled place on the Three Rivers continent. It has been in its history, a kingdom, an oligarchy, an empire, a duchy in a kingdom, a republic and now, like other regions of the continent, it is merely a place on a map comprising towns and cities of varying sizes and outlook. Mynatan is positioned between 24 to 28 degrees north of the Felsian equator, and as such enjoys a sub-tropical climate. Inland, at the verge of The Chain, it can get quite cold and frosts are not uncommon.

Mynatan is bordered along its south the region of Corsor and to the north by the River Lors and the badlands of Herkhon. The Tontomsi Forest and The Chain forms its western marge and the blue expanse of the Sea of Marnopyre makes up the east. For the most part it is a land of gently rolling hills interspersed here and there with meadows and tracts of forest. There are no real areas of high relief save on the south-western extremity where the Chain abuts into it.

The weight of antiquity is everywhere in Mynatan. The colonisers developed this area like no other and the remains of pre-Collision artefacts are everywhere. Spaceports, highways, transport tunnels, towers, antennae and a whole assortment of wrecked flotsam litter the green landscape. Some of it was used to build newer structures.

The folk of Mynatan, for the most part, consider themselves the only civilized people remaining on Fels, a characteristic shared by the Nain of Nae. The Canal Society generally consider the people of Mynatan to be effete and ponderous. The fact that Mynatan is home to a large number of odylic societies also gives the Geriarchs and their underlings reasons for pause.


Kyxx dominates Mynatan culturally and politically even if that city makes no territorial claim to any part of the region. All folk of Mynatan, and the Three Rivers in general, look to Kyxx as the “big smoke”. The Relics of the Ages Crossing the River Coutea northward at Couteamouth on the Sea of Marnopyre, we enter Mynatan. An old sign made from granite even announces this fact. Further north we come to Port Harner, which is Kyxx's seaport. This is the only town Kyxx has any claim over and like Kyxx itself, is ancient and weathered. Trade from all up the Sea of Marnopyre littoral passes through Port Harner. Like the docks of far off Fenstre, the wharves here never sleep and there are ships by the hundreds of all descriptions moored off the coast. A Bailiff runs the city on behalf of Kyxx and the position is traditionally patrilineal. Further north along the coast is the town of Skrane. Skrane lacks a natural harbour like Port Harner and its business is fishing the reefs which lay just offshore. A series of mud-lands and fens lie between Skrane and the River Lors, making most human habitation dubious at best.


The River Lors is a meandering ancient river, with oxbows, marshes and fens along most of its great length. Traditionally, this has made incursions from the “barbaric” north impracticable except through odylic means. Few towns exist along its extent. Losqui is an exception. Situated 400 kilometres northwest of Kyxx it is a major junction and caravanserai. A large bridge crosses the Lors here and the officials tax all commercial traffic. Losqui is ancient and has come under the hegemony of more governments, tyrants, theocracies and satraps than it can remember. Today, a benign oligarchy of merchants rule this large frontier city and most of Mynatans imports from the vastness of the northern Three Rivers pass through here.

Griflis and Leumir

Further west along the Lors lies the town of Griflis. Griflis has had a siege mentality for aeons. To its west is the loom of the Tontomsi Forest and beyond that, the stark mountains that surround Oloi. The colonisers had set up the town as a weather and satellite station and today, the ruined towers, spires and antennae of the pre-Collision era make Griflis resemble a city of needles.

Griflis maintains a large army, ready to deal with the non-human horrors of the Forest and the nomads and hedgerow magicians of the west. It is one of the few kingdoms left anywhere on Fels and its royal tradition dates back over eight millennia.

Nuis sits to the south of Griflis, and like that town, is fortified. Nuis is tributary to Griflis. South of Nuis is the city-state of Leumir. Leumir is a freehold temple and magick city. Cults, faith and odylicism of all bent have lodgings here. It is also one of the few places on Fels to have a university of learning.

It is whispered that Leumir holds the facts and truths of all of Fels and that the city's Keepers (as the leadership is called) only release information if the price and/or service is right. Even the Geriarchs of Fenstre dream of raiding Leumir's libraries. Those of odylicism and those of faith co-operate in harmony; another exception to the rule in the chaos that is Fels. Leumir lies upon the Great Central Road which runs from Arstelope on the Myrtna Sea to Port Harner.

Another main road leads southwest over the Glarfiatu Pass to eventually arrive at Rinaire in Nae. Another leads south to Alodde on the River Coutea. To the east of Leumir is Fenlee. Fenlee exists as nothing more than a way-station for travellers between Leumir and Kyxx.

Neither city lays claim to it and it is controlled by a Marshall who collects taxes and prosecutes whatever crimes and infractions occur. The only other thing of note about Fenlee is that it sits in the geographic centre of Mynatan.

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