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Riaelo (“ree-lo”) is a large and sordid town of about 3000 permanent inhabitants in southern Loios on the coast of The Belly. It is the most famous of the so-called “pirate towns” in this part of the world. Most of the town sits around a natural harbour, but the pirate elite live on a bluff to the north. The whole town is walled off from the surrounding jungle by a large wooden palisade, and is guarded by pirate thugs. No roads lead to Riaelo, and is effectively cut off overland from the remainder of the Three Rivers. This is a slaver's town and the honest and innocent would be wise to avoid it.

Riaelo is considered neutral territory for the various pirate clans of the Belly and Surdije Bay and the master of the town strictly enforces a no-squabbling rule. No nation or city-state makes any effort to fight the pirates on their own land, and as such Riaelo has been allowed to thrive for millennia, though in recent times, many pirates and their pressed crews have fallen victim to the mysterious sorcerer of Seit and her dark forces.

The town is also famous in the legend of Aegyptus Juvens as this was the place Rolinna almost died after being poisoned by a lusty pirate, with whom she'd rebuffed his advances.

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