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Seusea is a young woman mostly resident in Fenstre. She was born to a meretrix mother from Southmer and a father rumoured to have come from Oloi. The exoticism of her father is apparent in her silvery-blonde hair, rare amongst the Canal Society. Seusea usually keeps her hair hidden beneath a snood or a soft cap to avoid unwanted comment and attention. She is a member of the Hallilan and was trained (and sometimes protected) by her half-brother Lothmire.

After a cruel and demanding childhood, Seusea has matured into a softly-spoken and deft-fingered woman in her early twenties. Due to her nimbleness and ability to go about the world quietly, she is usually tasked by the Hallilan as a housebreaker or a spy, performing reconnaissance for the thieves. Some of these escapades have led her beyond the confines to Fenstre to places such as Seit and the pirate-infested lands around Surdije Bay and the Belly.

She maintains no permanent romantic liaisons though she harbours a deep, abiding and unrequited desire for Thenson Trowheald, something that has led her to do rare foolish things.

Her stories and adventures can be found here (under "Seusea")

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