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Tosban is a fair-sized city of about 30000 people on the coast of Arimorn facing the Straits of Vorth. Though nominally independent, it falls under Nae's sphere of influence, and that nation regards Tosban as its port for goods and movement through the Fairge and the southern Three Rivers coast. The leader is a council of five men, mostly merchant lords, and they employ a militia to keep order and collect taxes.

The port is heavily fortified against Inforagers and Veltor Wanderers forays from Luwedne, a land a mere thirty miles away across the Straits. Despite this, most of Tosban's population has Inforager origins. Tosban's other trade concerns are mining and gems, including some jade.

As with most places on the south coast of the Three Rivers, Tosban is subject to heavy monsoon and wet season rainfall, and the low-lying savanna about the city can readily flood.

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